Thursday, February 16, 2006


I had a meeting today with two of the women who responded to my call for songbirds. It was pretty amazing. First, there's the fact that I stepped outside of myself and facilitated a meeting of total strangers. This is VERY unlike me! I can get very hung-up and nervous when it comes to being with people I don't know. So this was sort of like getting ready to jump into the ocean in winter: I was bracing myself, standing on the edge saying I don't wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna but I knew I had to and knew that it would probably be really invigorating once I got past the initial discomfort. And that it was!!

On first impression, the two women could not have been more different from each other and from me. They are both younger than I, one by 10 years (I'm 33, she's 23) and the other is probably in her late 20s. It was especially apparent that there was a generation's difference between us when I remarked (in context) that Eric Clapton was hot stuff - and I meant in his youth, although I still think he's pretty yummy -and they both shuddered and said "Ew, that's like talking about my dad." Uh, hehe...right...

But as we went on talking about what we liked and what form we wanted our musical dreams to take, I got very excited. It was a whole new conversation, with different people in a different language. It was as if I'd been eating cheeseburgers three meals a day, everyday for the past five years and then suddenly, I was eating Indian food. They had never heard of music that I consider essential - stuff I knew they HAD to hear - and they were introducing me to stuff I would ordinarily overlook or dismiss. From Imogen Heap to Bobby McFerrin (wicked cool website, btw) and more. Plus, there were a few artists we solidly bonded over, like Patty Griffin and Alanis. LOVE THIS: I noticed that there was no attitude over the hip-ness (or unhip-ness) of artists; any song or genre was fair game, whether maistream or ecclectic, big name or small, classical or Bjork-ish. It was all there for considering. As it should be.

They both sing and write songs like I do, but in totally different ways. And they both play piano, which I do not, and I'm sooo used to hanging out with all guitar players. Male guitar players. Women just have a different vibe when it comes to collaborating and sharing music. It was quite refreshing.

My agenda is to stir my musical pot by doing something that doesn't look anything like what I usually do musically. (What I usually do is sit around with my guitar and wait for a song to happen. It gets pretty boring after awhile. Then it gets torturous.) I haven't really done any singing, other than singing Tessa to sleep (which -Nerd alert!- gives me a venue for the showtunes I love), since I got pregnant. Eek! That was over a year ago.

I got this news flash from the universe yesterday: I've been looking at all these art blogs, wishing I were artistic, that I could draw, that I had a cool camera, that I had the money to buy batik supplies, whatever. Feeling inadequte and inferior. Totally forgetting about the fact that I SING REALLY WELL AND I LOVE DOING IT. Sorry to shout, but this statement needs to be drilled into my fool head. Being with these women today reminded me and inspired me.


daru said...

good good GOOD for YOU!!! i'm so excited to hear that this is all happening! how awesome that you put it out there and it came back in such a great way. you're kickin ass!

Kat said...

teehee!!! what a great post! you ARE kicking ass!!

good for you for realizing that there's no need to feel wishing you were creative in some other way when you have great talent all your own!

i'm so excited about the risks you've been taking. it's SO thrilling to hear about, so inspiring. you go girl!

eliza said...

EXCELLENT!! how fucking fabulous that you did that ad. look what the universe gave you back for that little bit of courage! just what you needed. just what you wanted, in ways you couldn't even have really forseen. that is so cool. can't WAIT to hear what you all get up to.

GreenishLady said...

This is so wonderful. Well done to you for posting the ad, for following through, for taking it to the point of real action. This meeting is a tangible result of your dreams. Wow!

LJ said...

You've forgotten, obviously, a couple of things:
1. Your photos are gorgeous
2. You obviously (the journal you made)
are incredibly creative and visual
3. You write well.
4. You have a lovely, unending appetite
for amazement.
you sing well.

samantha said...

YES! Shout it loud and clear! (I have a tendency to look at art blogs as well, ahem, I got a degree in singing...) And I am so excited about this new possibility and thankful that the girls you met were open and giving. And yes, Patty Griffin totally, totally rocks.

Teri said...

LJ - teehee! Thanks. xo

Sam - I didn't know you sing!!

Thanks everyone for the back pats.

Julie said...

That is so excellent! I always read the art blogs and wish I felt like picking up a paintbrush or wish it wasn't too late to find out if I have any kind of singing voice or maybe even act.

That is so amazing that you put your request out into the world and got back such possibility. That's big time inspiring!

Helen said...

Don't ever apologize for acknowledging your talent!! AMEN! We need MORE of that...

Marilyn said...

Jeez, I *am* old, if an Eric Clapton reference brings to mind someone's Dad...although he IS getting up there...ha! Good for you--great progress here!