Saturday, March 25, 2006

and we have a name!

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Birth of Venus is the name we came up with for our group. It has all the associations I wanted: feminine power, divinity, love, beauty, creation. Yay! And this name will work for us whether we're playing a jazz club or a wedding or whatever venue comes along. At rehearsal Thursday night we learned an old song called Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia. Think Andrews Sisters. Alex fronts a small jazz ensemble and we are all going to perform it at her upcoming gig. A WEEK FROM MONDAY. I'm not too nervous about the performance as much as the fact that I have nothing to wear. I need a serious ambush makeover.


Laura said...

Asthma is definitely not something to play with. I keep an inhaler even though I have not had an attack that required it in a decade - just in case I need it.

Do you have allergies, and if so, are you running near things that could set them off? I know I had a horrid time once because the track for a Phys. Ed. class went right by some Scotch Broom plants...NOT good for me....

If the running is setting off your asthma (rather than just wheezing due to needing to build up more gradually), then it may ultimately not be an option unless you go on drugs to control the asthma. It's not the same thing as being out of shape, and it doesn't necessarily respond positively to more exercise.

I suspect you know all this. I just wanted to say it because, reading what you write, I am concerned about you. I hope you do not mind.

Teri said...


Thanks for your sound advice! :)

eliza said...

maybe you can carry over the forgiving attitude that allowed you to repeat week two to figuring out some support that works for you with the wheezing. you ARE unstoppable, but that doesn't mean you won't have to improvise some detours once in awhile. i'm glad laura had so much to say above. it does seem sensible to work with your trachea a bit more... collaboratively.

SO psyched to hear about your mini-gig. how wonderful that your dream of harmonizing with other women is manifesting so robustly. it's been fun and inspiring to witness the trajectory. GREAT name, by the way.

and teri, buy yourself something new if you need to, but you are SUCH a BEAUTIFUL woman. remembering that and knowing it is always the hottest thing you could wear. so rock it, girl.

i find support wear helps, too. you know, just to smooth the line. = )

Kat said...

i am SO incredibly thrilled to hear about your singing group!!! and i adore the name. perfecto, darling!

hang in there with the need to go at your own pace in working up to these things. and you have all the time in the world to work up to your goal, take your time and you'll feel much better in the process. :-)