Friday, May 05, 2006


Rehearsal wasn't incredibly productive today, but we did a fair amount of strategizing. There are a couple of open mic nights that we might try to do, and Alex and Mary both have upcoming shows in which we could appear as guests.

The most exciting news is that we have some studio time set up for next week. The plan is to record a 4-song demo and use that to get gigs. Hooray!

Also, while we're waiting for Mary to construct our website, she is going to set up a Birth of Venus page on MySpace. We recorded a song that doesn't sound too bad, so we can put that up there along with our photo likeness and voila. We're out there. [UPDATE: Here it is!!]

I'm really itching to work out some new stuff, and also to write something. We'll focus on the old stuff for next week's recording and then I've got to get a few charts written out so we'll have fresh material.


eliza said...

"johnny" sounds great! are you actually writing (and writing out) these arrangements?! i am SO impressed!! hope you post the whole demo when it's done.

Adrienne said...

WOW!! You guys sound great! Lola loves it too! She started grinning ear to ear when it was playing then gave a big applause!